Skinny Dippin Foaming Sugar Scrubs
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Skinny Dippin Foaming Sugar Scrubs

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Let's Go Skinny Dippin!   Scented with a tantalizing medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries, and pears, with hints of spice this will make you want to take off to the boondocks and...well we won't mention the rest ;) 
All of our Foaming Sugar Scrubs are made with a combination of foaming bath butter, sugar, and a touch of avocado oil to ensure your skin is soft and smooth
All of our products are always

*Phthalate Free

*Formaldehyde Free 

*Petroleum Free

*Paraben Free

CONTAINS :Water, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Glycerin, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Stearic Acid, Cane Sugar, Avocado Oil, Optiphen Plus, and Fragrance

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