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Saint Paulia Soaps & Bath Products
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    Magenta Ticket Giveaway

    ​​ ​We All Make Mistakes!

    ​ No matter how many times you make a product, there will be accidents. In a lot of cases the result is amazing but not something you would be able to recreate. So I introduce Oopsie Daisy!
    This Goat's Milk Soap is scented with fresh peonies and is made with all the goodness you've come to expect from Saint Paulia's. It just looks a little different.

    Now here's the amazing part! There are only 14 of these beauties and a few contain a Magenta Ticket (Golden Ticket was a little over done, don't you think?). The Magenta Tickets are a $30.00 gift card to use at your leisure to purchase any of our amazing products!

    When you buy one of these soaps, you have a chance of winning! Who doesn't love winning?!?!

    *supplies are limited