The Second Sunday of May

It comes every second Sunday in May. The day we set aside to celebrate the amazing women we call “mom”. Breakfasts in bed, homemade and store bought gifts and cards, flowers, kids cleaning houses, family outings, and special dinners are all known traditions that make the day unique.

As we age and mature the meaning of Mother’s Day morphs and takes on new meaning. As infants and toddlers it’s up to Dad to make the day special. As young children we make homemade gifts and cards at school and attempt to hide them from Mom until THE DAY (but we still depend on Dad to make her feel really special with better gifts). As teenagers and young adults we use money that we have earned through part-time or entry level jobs to buy Mom small gifts and flowers. It’s only when we become moms ourselves that we really understand the meaning of Mother’s Day and showing appreciation to the women in our lives that have supported us through everything and put themselves last because we always came first. We finally understand that no matter how old we get or how old our children are we will always be Mom.

I remember as a child spending so much time with my mom and grandmother (and dad and grandfather but that’s for another post!). These memories are chock full of happy times and almost all of these are of my grandmother in her RV while we camped out in tents. All the fresh air we could breath, butterflies we could catch, and exploring we could do. My grandmother would give me Saint Paulia flowers (also known as African Violets) and taught me how to care for them. They are, for obvious reasons, my favorite flower.

I remember as a young woman my mom and I out feeding horses. For some reason one got uppity with me and caused a fun filled memory to become a dangerous situation. I don’t remember everything that happened in that moment, but I remember my mom running in front of me to take on that horse to protect me. I still love horses, but I’m a little more cautious these days!

As a mom I have many wonderful memories of raising my own children and the Mother’s Days we have celebrated. I’ve realized over the years how tough it is to be Mom. The highs and the lows. Wondering if the decisions I’m making are the right ones so they become happy, self-reliant, spiritual, compassionate, hardworking adults. The decision to start my own business making soaps was a hard one. I knew that it would require hard work, dedication, and a lot of hours taken away from my family. I also knew that in the end it would be worth it as I would be an example of what I wanted my children to be.

Now that two of our children have moved away from home our own Mother’s Day traditions will change and I look forward to seeing what these changes bring for each of us. I know our youngest (still at home) will shower me with love, but I’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what type of new tradition our oldest two will follow. 

Thanks for reading! Have an Amazing Mother's Day! ~Boondocking Beauty~