The Original "Glamper"



Pants - The Original "Glamper"

Growing up, I remember my grandparents travelling in their travel trailer wherever they could take it.  My grandma lovingly called it their "home away from home".      They went all over the U.S.A carrying their "home" behind them.   You could say they were an early generation of "glampers".   She was the traditional southern lady and always had on full makeup and her hair meticulously curled.   My grandmother was the inspiration behind Saint Paulia ( its even named after a flower she used to give me).  I used to watch her try and fit her favorite shampoo and lotions into the tralier and it was a constant battle for her.  She wanted to "feel pretty" and feel pampered but able to carry it with her.   I wanted to create quality skin and hair care products that offer a solution for modern day "Glampers". Men and women that want to be be able to enjoy this beautiful country and look good doing it!


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