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This was not what I had in mind for my first blog post.  I was going to post something like "Ways You Can Make Your "Military" Shower Work For You" or I was going to compile a list of beauty travel cases that I recommend.  Unfortunately the Universe had other ideas.   We are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that none of us have ever seen before.  It's affecting every single person on this planet right now.  Whether you are in quarantine or under a shelter in place ruling, this is a new and scary thing we are dealing with.     

When at a grocery store recently, I ,like everyone else, saw the lack of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  I can't offer any help on the toilet paper except to say maybe a bidet would be a good option right now but maybe I can offer a little advice on the hand sanitizer.   While noticing what was missing, I also noticed that the aisles of hand soap were untouched.   Despite all the warnings telling us that washing our hands is better than hand sanitizer, the latter was still the one everyone grabbed.  I remember reading that this threat is real and its big and people are scared and the best prevention seems too simple.  I get that!  I make soap and I'm guilty of that myself!  How could a plain old fashioned bar of soap be useful in battle against something so huge?   The science is clear however, good old fashioned  soap like your grandma made is the number 1 defense against this devastating pandemic.  

The reason soap works so well is the same reason dish soap works so well on greasy dishes.  When you wash your hands with soap and water, the soap breaks down the fat membrane that holds the virus together breaking it apart and causing it to "die" or become inactive.   I realize that I may have oversimplified the science a lot here, so here is a link to a Smithsonian Magazine article that talks about it.

 I would love to say the soap I make and sell is the best and it will be the best at preventing the spread of disease but while I love my soap and do believe its some the best for your skin overall, the truth is any soap will work just as well ( and alcohol based hand sanitizer is a great back up if you don't have soap and water available).   Whether it be nourishing goat's milk soap or the generic bar you bought at a local supermarket, they are equal when it comes to preventing the spread of this deadly virus.   Thank you so much for reading! Remember to wash your hands, practice social distancing and lets all work together to stop the spread and be sure to come back when I do write about that "military shower"

Here is a great and funny video by Alton Brown explaining why soap works!

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