Keeping Your Skincare Routine!

Posted: 05/27/2020

Packing to leave can be quite a big ordeal when trying to make sure nothing is forgotten. Lists are made, items are checked off, shopping trips are taken, more items are checked off...all in the hopes of ensuring nothing crucial is left behind. There are items we can't live without (like the coffee maker) and items that we don't want to leave behind but, in the spirit of traveling light and saving space, we have to (like our special soaps, lotions, face creams, and shaving gear). We know we will survive without these things and it's usually only for a few days, but those few days always leave us feeling grimy, dirty, and rough.

Part of the reason I started my company, Saint Paulia's Soaps & Bath Products, is because I got tired of feeling dirty, grimy, and rough ALL THE TIME when we were camping. Traditional soaps and shampoos that we had been taking with us on our adventures were drying my skin and hair out. I spent years finding all natural skin care products that I could use at home but I couldn't find any that would be easy for me to travel and camp with! I was done. I was over it.

I love camping. Waking up every morning to fresh clean air, going on hikes and sight seeing with my husband and our kids, and sitting around the campfire telling stories are some of my favorite things that, for years, outweighed not having my natural skin and hair care products but I had to find a compromise. I wanted to have it all and I couldn't keep neglecting my skin. I wanted natural skin and hair care products that were easy to travel and camp with and wouldn't damage any RV plumbing. Products that would enable me to go from feeling dirty, grimy, and rough to clean, refreshed, and ready for a nice dinner out with my husband if a nice restaurant was close to where we were staying.

I've tried all the tips and tricks to showering and saving my skin (and water) while camping. The military shower, washing my body and hair on alternating days, and using wipes when I can't shower were some of the first, but over the years I have gathered a list of other things I do to minimize my use of commercial soaps while camping. I use a bath poof that can be hung on a hook to dry, I alternate my hairstyles using buns or braids. (It's awesome now that the "messy" bun is in style and I can throw in a pretty hair wrap or band and BAM! I'm good for an trip to town for dinner or city site seeing!). I doubled the use of some of my cosmetic products. Did you know lipstick can be used a blush and eye shadow can double as eye liner!?! I invested in a good electric razor that I can charge before we leave the house. This alone saves water that can be used to wash my hair!

When I started making my own soaps, lotions, and shampoos at home it was a game changer and I had to figure out how to get them on my camping list next to my sunscreen! My liquid lotions, shampoos, and conditioners became bars that could either travel easy and do double duty. I researched and developed all natural shampoo and conditioning bars that require no bottle and can't spill. They are small and compact, the shampoo bars double as body wash, and the conditioning bars double as shave bars when needed. Both smell so good and leave my hair and skin feeling amazing! I've noticed when I keep my skincare routine I don't have dry flaky itchy skin issues! I look and feel amazing! I don't have to pick between my love of camping and my love of having soft smooth skin. Life is good!

Once close friends and family found out I was making my own soaps, lotions, shampoo, and conditioning bars they asked me to share. I couldn't say no. We now all enjoy having softer, smoother, hydrated skin and hair and if you're looking to keep your skincare routine while exploring the great outdoors and camping I invite you to give Saint Paulia's products a try too!

~Boondocking Beauty~