Cabin Fever

 Human - Cabin Fever
I might not be quite as bad as that but its getting pretty close
If you are like me, you are probably suffering from cabin fever about now.   It's hard to see all the reservations we've made being cancelled one by one and our trip to Yellowstone in June is looking less and less likely ( although I'm still holding out hope)    While that is disappointing, I also know that this time of social distancing is for all of our health and safety and without it this could go on much longer with much worse consequences.   In the mean time, I've put together a list my family and friends have been doing to help the feeling of being cooped up.  
1. Plan Future Trips
  Plan those future trips.  This won't be forever and focusing on the future for me is an ideal way to deal with the present.  We do this on a regular basis anyway. I do not know how many hours my husband and I have sat at the dining room table going over brochures and maps planning getaways and road trips, admittedly some never came to be but we still had fun dreaming up plans and even planning the route we would take
2. Take Stock 
 Now is a great time to go through the camper and see what you have and what you need to get.   Check the water and drainage hoses, make sure you have a surge protector and if not, now is the time to get one. I like to strip the beds and wash all the bedding to ensure its fresh and ready to go!  Do a thorough cleaning and air out.  You want to be ready to go when this over and give yourself something to look forward to. 
3. Camp at Home
We might not be able to go anywhere but we can have an adventure in our own yards (and we don't have to worry about whether we can take showers or not).   Pull into the backyard and camp.  We like to have a campfire and roast marshmallows or hot dogs and tell each other stories of past road trips.  I even put up a bird feeder to hear the sounds of the birds and set up our hammock outside to nap in.  You can also have a cocktail ( or two) and not worry about alcohol restrictions. This is also a great way to test out any new gear and make sure your camper is ready to go. 
4.  Donate your RV (temporarily)
  Instead of letting your home on wheels sit idle, you could allow someone else to use it.  Health Care professionals are working around the clock on the front lines.  They are also at an increased risk of exposure and bringing the virus home to their families.    Allowing them to have a comfortable place to sleep at their own homes without exposing loved ones would be a huge blessing during this time.    Such a wonderful way to give back to those who are putting their lives at risk for us.  You can check out the Facebook group RVs for MDs and see how you can help. 
This is a very hard time for us all, but it is temporary.  We will all be on the road again soon and maybe I'll see some of you at Yellowstone this summer!  Stay Safe and Healthy!

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  • Helen VanDeMark on

    Thank you, Amanda, for the encouraging words!

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